Donair Supply

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Who we are


  • Bruce

    If you are looking for quality entertainment, and someone to fix your computer during breaks, you’ve found your guy.

  • Rob

    Rob is a great bass player, but he really shines as a landscape architect. He is famous for such projects as; The destruction of Rainbow Valley.

  • Bob

    Bob is a leafs fan. Yeah, I know. He’s a great guitar player though. Have a listen! Sorta Purple

  • Neal

    Neal (“Evil G”) manages the band’s backline, rental and sound department. He’s also the drummer. He really loves it when you hit his cymbals. You should hit his cymbals.

“Never heard of them” – Rolling Stone Magazine

Audio Highlights


“We’ll probably sue” – Air Supply

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Donair Supplies

We sell Donair Supply shirts at our shows for now… only $20!! Cheaper than a pack of smokes



“Greatest Shirt Ever!” – Visa

“So Absorbent!” – SMU Student

“Yeah, I guess” -Reluctant Person

Special Orders

If you would like to pre-order a shirt before our next show, please send us an email at, and we’ll hold a shirt for you. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee we will have your size at the show.

“Yeah, I’ll have a large, sauce on the side” – Wrong Number


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“Isn’t this just Skully?” – Anonymous